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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377; 
  • Mistakes in our last episode
  • "Full" 5x odds; 
  • Antes vs. blinds; 
  • Hopping the previous point; 
  • The psychology of sports wagering vs. table wagering
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  • Mark incorrectly referred to Due For a Win co-host Craig as Greg.
  • There are actually two Jim's from New York who contributed to the show, not just one as we claimed. One of them caught the 90°/180° mistake from Episode #112 and sent us the PayPal donation. The other one reported that buy bets were gone from Downtown Grand.
  • Penn National Gaming doesn't own Hollywood Casino Jamul. It is owned by the Jamul Indian Village and managed by Penn National Gaming.
  • The timeline for the Paris power outage was a little muddled. Here's what happened:
    • 03-Nov 09:45 AM: Power goes out
    • 03-Nov 10:30 PM: Power is partially restored
    • 04-Nov 12:25 AM: Guests are allowed to return to their rooms
  • Mark incorrectly referred to Marc Meltzer as being from MeltzVegas. MeltzVegas is Marc's Twitter handle. His website is EDGe Vegas.
  • Measure C (not Prop C) that would have raised hotel taxes to build a stadium for the Chargers got 43% of the vote, not 38%.
  • Dr. Mike is going to the National Finals Rodeo, but not on the same weekend as Caesars Great Gift Wrap Up.
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377; 
  • Math mistake; 
  • Payouts on All/Small/Tall changing; 
  • Skill-based gaming premieres in Atlantic City; 
  • Woman "wins" $43 million on slot machine; 
  • Paris power outage; 
  • Hollywood Casino Jamul; 
  • 360 Vegas Vacation 4
  • How did each of us possibly get married? 
  • Poker at Binion's; 
  • Hop bets; 
  • Hot Roller craps side bet
  • Blackjack getting scarce on the Strip? 
  • BLT Steak
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