Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler
  • Borgata pays poker-tournament players after counterfeit chips were found;
  • Phil Ivey is sued by Borgata for edge sorting;
  • Craps tournaments;
  • Breaking Vegas "Dice Dominator";
  • Listener's craps method;
  • What happens when you've already made a baseball bet and there's a pitching change;
  • Dr. Mike's report on Ultimate Texas Hold 'em (finally);
  • Listener's whale story;
  • Morongo's multi-game jackpot;
  • Riverboat Roulette;
  • Tell Dr. Mike what to bet for the Kentucky Derby: 951-292-4377
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  • April Fool's episode wrap-up;
  • Dr. Mike's home craps table;
  • Flamingo craps table two-separate-limits mystery solved;
  • Don't pick up that lost casino chip in Pennsylvania!
  • We answer ten more questions from listener Bill
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  • The Fire Bet: Finally!
  • Future bet on the Padres;
  • Why don't people take insurance in Blackjack?
  • Keno and the lottery;
  • Craps coverage coming to CBS;
  • Poker Home Game: Tabletop Puncher
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