Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler
  • We are not shills for Caesars Entertainment! 
  • The origin of the name Seven Stars
  • Poker Home Game: High Low declare games 
  • Mail bag
  • Pai Gow Poker
    • How it's played
    • A little (and we mean very little) basic strategy 
    • Playing in the "good ol' days"
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  • Dr Mike's recent trip to Harrah's Rincon
  • The Range Steakhouse at Harrah's Las Vegas closing
  • More gambling-themed blocks on Destination America
  • Listener e-mail
  • Blackjack rules
    • Number of decks
    • 6-5 payout versus 3-2
    • Dealer hits or stands on soft 17
    • Double down on any two cards or only certain hands
    • Resplitting aces
    • Double down after splitting
    • Surrender
    • Lose only original bet or all bets when dealer has blackjack
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  • Another 6-hour gambling-themed block on Destination America
  • The field bet in craps
    • The Santa Ana Star casino in New Mexico pays triple on the 2 and 12 reducing the house edge to 0%
  • The martingale betting system (and why to avoid it)
  • Three Card Poker
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  • Cheers slot machine
  • KISS slot machine
  • The D refunds wagers for controversial Green Bay/Seattle game
  • Vegas on CBS
  • 6-hour gambling-themed block on Destination America
  • Our friend Paul weighs in on soft 18
  • Casino players clubs
  • Dr. Mike's trip to Vegas
    • Forum Shops shopping spree
    • Guy Savoy tour
    • Don Henley concert
    • Craps at Caesars Palace
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  • Introductions
  • Home game jackpot win
  • Record for largest blackjack table set
  • Cheating Vegas on Destination America
  • Vegas on CBS
  • An introduction to craps
  • Survivor football pools
  • Playing soft 18 in blackjack
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