Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler
  • Tallest thermometer in the world to get a makeover;
  • Does it make sense to buy the 5 and 9?
  • We'll be in Vegas Saturday, June 7, 2014;
  • Street Dice introduced at Downtown Grand;
  • Smart Money: What is it, and when does it come in?
  • Poker Home Game: Five-Two
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  • Ben Affleck backed off at Hard Rock Casino;
  • More methods for playing craps;
  • Additional information on Oklahoma casinos;
  • Hedging when you're close to winning the Fire Bet;
  • WinCraps;
  • How should you cut the deck in a home game?
  • We'll be in Las Vegas June 6-8, 2014;
  • Best wishes and a speedy recovery for Tim Dressen!
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