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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Apr 30, 2015

  • Final "clarification" on Dr. Mike's brother's slot experience;
  • Slots with practical prizes;
  • Casino doesn't have to pay 90-year-old grandmother $41.8 million;
  • Some Las Vegas poker rooms adopting "no cash on the table" policy;
  • First-ever poker side bet introduced;
  • Kentucky Derby;
  • Dr. Mike's casino-related GI...

Apr 16, 2015

  • The correct scoop on W-2Gs;
  • Also, we messed up on our Ultimate Texas Hold 'em instructions;
  • the D cancels their Tax Day Bonus Day promotion;
  • Revel finally sold;
  • $3 craps and blackjack at Downtown Grand;
  • A mind-boggling story of dealers hustling for tips;
  • Keno closes at Harrah's Atlantic City;
  • What's the minimum "no 4"...

Apr 2, 2015

  • Big payouts and W-2Gs;
  • Disappearing coffee shops;
  • Don't be a Lusardi!
  • Frank Scoblete releases book I Am a Dice Controller;
  • Tap water being sold on Las Vegas Blvd.?
  • Learn the game at the table or before you play?
  • Litmus test for dealers;
  • Where did "Lucky 7" come from?
  • Unique Fire Bet paytable at Harrah's North Kansas...