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Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That

Sep 27, 2018

  • Playing two table games simultaneously; 
  • FanDuel pays out on their mistake; 
  • The Pig Wheel
  • More on laying odds on the Don't; 
  • Celebrating if you're shooting from the Don't? 
  • Hard way place bets; 
  • SLS; 
  • Casino Bournemouth; 
  • Vegas activities for octogenarians; 
  • Gambling Scene: Lost in America (clip...

Sep 13, 2018

  • Dr. Mike "past posts"; 
  • The uncomped limo ride; 
  • Boyd Gaming "revamps" B Connected; 
  • Wynn goes back to 3x-4x-5x odds; 
  • Taylor/Tara's royal flush; 
  • Poker room closes at TI; 
  • 7 Cedars Casino; 
  • Live-dealer online game issue; 
  • Banking at Pai Gow Poker; 
  • Three Card Poker vs. Pai Gow Poker; 
  • Gambling Scene: Lost in America (clip...