Gambling Podcast: You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler
  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • Mark's 99th trip to Las Vegas;
  • Dr. Mike: Any nudity?
  • "Bring back the Big 6 & 8!"
  • Dr. Mike hands out chips on Fremont Street;
  • Casino personnel make all the difference;
  • Dinner at BLT Steak;
  • $14 buy-ins;
  • Daily Fantasy Sports is now illegal in Nevada;
  • Thanks to Hunter, Chuck, and Derek for all their VIMFP hard work!
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • Scandals:
    • Daily Fantasy Sports;
    • Cheating at craps at Bellagio;
  • Tales of Dr. Mike's dad;
  • Monte Carlo Las Vegas let's you take even money on 6:5 games;
  • "Hidden" $5 blackjack tables at Eldorado Shreveport;
  • San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino report;
  • What to expect at VIMFP
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • Setback for sports wagering in New Jersey;
  • Downtown Grand cuts table-game hours;
  • Gambling still bad on the Strip;
  • Craps tournaments;
  • Craps lessons;
  • VIMFP;
  • Getting spanked;
  • How we approach a craps session
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • $1 blackjack at Binion's on Thursdays is 3:2 single-deck!
  • Craps etiquette as it applies to picking a spot at the table;
  • Listener meet-up;
  • Shills and proposition players;
  • What got us into gambling?
  • Action reverse bets vs. parlay bets;
  • Craps Repeater side bet;
  • Books to buy:
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • A baccarat side bet with over a 10% player advantage;
  • Just to clarify: You can't ask for even money at a 6:5 blackjack table;
  • "New dice!"
  • Brett's gambling money tracker spreadsheet;
  • Is it time to boycott The Strip?
  • Let the drunk player leave with his chips and come back!
  • Coupled horses;
  • Slot bonus rounds: Are your results predetermined?
  • Each-way bets;
  • Comic-Con:
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • Pechanga is the "best casino in America";
  • Other ways to extend the expiration date on your Total Rewards Credits;
  • BARGE;
  • Top Pair - Home Game Poker Podcast;
  • Come bets or place bets: What's best on a "hot shooter"?
  • Drunk poker player story;
  • Low limits should at least be available everywhere;
  • Asking for "even money" at a 6:5 blackjack table?
  • Average Daily Theoretical (ADT)
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  • Call our Voicemail Hotline: 951-292-4377;
  • Cash in your American Pharoah winning ticket AND keep the ticket as a souvenir;
  • No, that was FREE-Bet Blackjack, not Three-Bet Blackjack;
  • Good paytables on video poker might not get you as many players club credits;
  • Blackjack machines typically pay even money on a blackjack;
  • Electronic bingo tablets;
  • Charitable gambling in North Dakota;
  • Your Caesars Rewards Credits expire at 12:01 a.m. on the date listed;
  • Deadwood, South Dakota, casinos can now offer keno, craps, and roulette;
  • myVegas Tips for Beginners at Vegas Fanboy;
  • Exactly how bad is 6-5 blackjack versus 3-2?
  • Dr. Mike saves the day;
  • Parx Casino has a realtime Live Game Report;
  • Five HunDog Eating Contest;
  • Pressing come bets;
  • Listener trip report from Magaritaville Casino, Shreveport;
  • Listener New Mexico casino report;
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